Friday, 25 September 2015


In April this year in this blog a couple of old railway posters went down well, so here are more.

The first is a London & North West Railway (L&NWR) acknowledgement card of the kind sent to enquirers or complainers. Presumably it was a poster as well:


L&NWR operated from 1846-1922. Rhyl Pavilion is illustrated so the item must be 1908 or later. Twist my arm and I'll say circa 1910.


Here is a London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) poster. The company operated from 1923-1948. Featured is our Open Air Swimming Pool aka The Baths which opened in 1930. The poster looks 1930s.


Railway companies were nationalised (taken over and run) by a Labour government on 1st January 1948 and named British Railways, which in 1965 was rebranded as British Rail.

That tells us that the two British Railways posters below are circa 1950s. This is Sherlock Jones speaking.


Pictured in a previous post in this blog was a vintage car named Rhyl. Here below is a train named Rhyl:


Pictured at Birmingham New Street Station probably, this train carried the name 'Rhyl' from January 1938 to November 1963 and operated in the English Midlands. Transport buffs can find out more about the train by clicking here: