Thursday, 17 September 2015


Rhyl and Llandudno, being English towns built in Wales, have always been a little more inclined to fuss over the English royal family than some Welsh inland towns are.

The real test of unity within the present day United Kingdom may come after the forthcoming referendum on whether to stay in the European Union or come out.

Scotland and Wales may vote to stay in, and if England tries to drag us all out there might be a constitutional crisis. Already there have been informal talks between the Scottish and Welsh governments on this point.

If necessary, Wales could switch its allegiance away from England and form an alliance with Scotland and - in the process - adopt the fairer social framework and more logical legal system of Scotland.

Whether you believe that would be a good thing or a bad thing, at least it must be possible because the British Constitution as it exists today has never been set down in law.



It is a matter of record that there is a forest under the sea on the eastern side of Rhyl. Recently the following lecture slide or magic lantern slide came up for sale on Internet. The item is undated and bears the name H.W. West:

Readers who think I might dive in with my camera for some close-ups of the submerged forest for posterity are mistaken. Further info about the phenomenon or about H.W. West would be welcome, though.



A reader has suggested that Rhyl Life should include Father Francis Maple of Pantasaph Friary, singing and knitting for the poor. I do agree but have no picture of him taken in Rhyl. Has anybody got one?

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