Monday, 7 September 2015


This is 'E.H. Williams' Merrie Men Of Rhyl: A Minstrel Troupe' by Malcolm Drew, a book in Kindle format downloadable from Amazon (made available this year).

The book discusses the nature of minstrelsy as a form of entertainment and includes much information about E.H.Willams' Merrie Men who used to perform at the minstrel pitch on Rhyl sands.

Also covered are the Rhyl troupes that preceded E.H. Williams, and other artistes who appeared in Rhyl during the Edwardian period – and the reasons for the Merrie Men's eventual demise in 1906.

There are over 40 illustrations plus a list of 80 artistes known to have appeared with the Merrie Men including Jack Hylton, Jimmy Charters, Joe Huda, Ernie Mayne, S.W. Wyndham and the author's great uncle, Charlie Drew.


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