Saturday, 12 September 2015


Labour Party

Today (Saturday) Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party.

His opponents seem to believe that Mr. Corbyn could not lead Labour to a victory in the next General Election. How disingenuous! None of the four candidates could have achieved that.

Mr. Corbyn and I share the belief that bombing Arab nations makes things worse not better, and we share the view that the European Union's partnership with NATO may be too close.

That partnership has meant the sprouting of American military and spy bases in Europe and nearly in Crimea if Mr. Putin had not intervened by removing Crimea from the EU.

Russia would not have wanted an American base right under its nose in Crimea any more than the USA would have wanted a Russian base right under its nose in Cuba.

When it comes to domestic policy this blogger would not be in favour of renationalising industries.

I remember when electricity, gas, telephone, water and so on were run by trade unionised, pension-heavy, government lackeys and jobsworths. In those days the services and utilities were less efficient.

On Rhyl Labour Party the phenomenon of Corbynism is not likely to have much effect in the short term. I can think of several Labour councillors who joined the party because that was the way to win around here.

They would have been just as comfortable wearing a blue rosette to win in a Tory-dominated town.


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