Thursday, 10 September 2015


Pedal boats

In the 1950s in Sunny Rhyl, if you tired of tricycles and bikes on the cycling track opposite the Queens, you could pedal the boats on the boating lake/pond/pool as shown in the foreground above.

The boating lake was in a central location near the pier and Amphitheatre. In the following image, at the side of the lake is a closed cabin of an oysters seller and a photographer's booth selling holiday snaps:

The boating was relocated to just west of Coliseum Theatre as shown in next picture which is a postcard from 1960s - and it remained in this location:

Coliseum Pavilion

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The card below is postmarked 1977. The businesses in West Parade include the Sands Arcade on corner of John Street - and to your left of that is The Lucky Strike:

The card below is postmarked faintly, may be 1991. The message refers to a car stunt show. Would that be at Tir Prince? Readers will know and readers will tell me.


In its final years the boating pool was operated by Peter Daly of ‘The Grapevine’ bar in Water Street. Eventually it was rubbed out to make room for the present Drift Park development. 

This reference is added here for indexing purposes: Menzies Dalry.

FRI 21st APR 2017 UPDATE: Another shot of the boating lake in its original location near the pier as shown in first two pix in the post above.

The building furthest right is Pier Hotel (previously named Belvoir Hotel) which was demolished to make way for the present White Rose Centre.