Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Now for some Rhyl transport pictures that have not appeared previously in this blog. Below are  a couple of 'toast racks' owned by Brookes Brothers' White Rose Motors. The buses usually had seats with their own doors each side, no centre aisle.

Billie's Cafe

The upper pic may have been taken in East Parade, but the lower pic was taken near the Brookes' booking office & departure point in West Parade.

Many trips included a commemorative photo as part of the package. Good idea to capture the moment before passengers set out on a tour rather than when they came back with ladies dishevelled and gentlemen worse for wear.

Dates? Probably 1920s, and the black-and white at the top would be earlier than the sepia which has in the background Billie's Cafe - new one on me. Good place for a cafe with all those people hanging around waiting.

From 1962 here are two more shots of the hovercoach known generally as the hovercraft. The black-and white was taken in Rhyl , by chalets on the eastern promenade. The colour pic must have been taken at the Wallasey end of the route.


The Astra Cinema cropped up recently in a quiz question. Here it serves as a background for a couple of Crosville pix. The white bus to Grosvenor Avenue is 1976 and going the wrong way; the green bus is 1981.