Sunday, 6 September 2015


Last Sunday I posted four images, numbered 1-4. Only two are Rhyl.
The question: What two numbers are Rhyl?
The answer: 3 and 4.

1. Not Rhyl, Rhuddlan.
As an ex-Rhuddlan lad I don't remember this camp named Vale of Clwyd Vacation Centre. Oh well, camps change names. Here is the card in full:
2. Not Rhyl, Buckley.
Looks 1940s, the banner says Methodist Tabernacle Sunday School:

3. This is Rhyl. It is a 1951 advert for North Wales Upholstery Company, Palace Royal Works, Palace Avenue. Here it is in full:

4. This is Rhyl. A weathered old photo of the original paddling pool on the promenade. On your right (east) of the scene would be Rhyl Pavilion:

Scoring a win for the two correct numbers: Dilys Bagnall, Richard & Ceri Swinney, The Great Gareth, and Geoff Hughes.


SUN 20th SEP 2015 UPDATE: Re Vale of Clwyd Vacation Centre, Rhuddlan. The following is a 1962 postcard to Mr. & Mrs. Gorton of Walkden near Manchester (near Salford if you prefer) which gives no clue to the whereabouts of the camp but mentions Stephensons Caravans.
Click on it for a clearer view.

Stephensons Caravans

SAT 1st OCT 2016 UPDATE:  Re Vale of Clwyd Vacation Centre, Rhuddlan. Now on this 1952 postcard we can see where the camp is located in relation to Rhuddlan Castle :

That would seem to make Vale of Clwyd Vacation Centre a precursor of the present Sun Valley Caravan Park: