Wednesday, 12 August 2015


This afternoon I sallied forth in weather nearly too hot. In Wellington Road stands the abandoned post office (pictured below):

The building is actually No.2 Water Street, an awful example of 1960s-70s architecture which might not be missed if demolished.

In Market Street the shop David John Jewellers (opposite Wilko) closed down due to retirement:

In the 1970s the premises were named Ellsons as in the following advert in which opposite Marks and Spencer refers to Market Street and not to the shop itself:

Some residents remember this gardening & pets shop as Twigdons which seems to have preceded Ellsons.

Inside Rhyl Library, Church Street, work is continuing to to accommodate the rent office which is presently in the town hall.

At the library's Cookbook Cafe my pal Jill and I partook of Lemongrass & Ginger Tea and chocolate sponge cake. Nice!

Round in East Parade at No. 23 is the highly-recommended Pier Hotel (on your right in the following picture).

Fiorenzi Cazari, Pier Hotel

On your left is the former Morville Hotel which has been renamed as the Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel. 

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

On the beach and in High Street, we have business a usual. I smile when I hear people refer to Rhyl as an ex-resort.
We may not get heaving crowds any more, but the name Rhyl still attracts and the town has plenty of potential.