Sunday, 30 August 2015


Last Sunday I posted a partly masked image of one of Rhyl's Victorian buildings that no longer exist.
The question: In the 20th century what was it used as?
The answer: Convent:

Originally the above building in Russell Road was named Bryntirion Hall. At the start of 20th century it became St. Mary’s Convent wherein there was a school. The building was demolished in early 1970s. The housing estate St.Mary's Court stands there now.

Also I posted a card commemorating the opening of a Rhyl business.
The question: What do the G----- and L----- stand for?
The answer: Grange Laundry:

My pal Bill Ellis says: “I worked at The Grange Laundry in the early 1960s straight after leaving school. It was owned by a Mr. Hindley who lived in Pendyffryn Road.
"I worked on the washing machines, which were operated by pulleys, and later as one of the laundry’s van drivers. I well remember the foreman Tommy Boiler (Tommy Roberts). On your left of the building was a shortcut to Vale Road and on right was The Cut.
"The business has long gone but the building still exists opposite Hafan Deg/War Memorial Court in Grange Road as a shop named One Stop and a home help agency named Dyffryn Care.”

Also I posted this photo dated 1974 of the bus station. In the background on your left is a cinema. 
The question: What is the name of the cinema?
The answer: Astra.

It had been Odeon and would become Apollo, but in 1974 it was Astra. Your crafty blogger removed evidence from top left corner:

Finally I posted the following in which a place name was blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name?
The answer: Maes y Gog.

Above is the restored picture.
The English equivalent of the name Maes y Gog seems to be Cuckoo Field. Open countryside is close to where the photo was taken, and New Pines Holiday Homes Park.
A right turn would bring you face to face with an Anwyl construction site named Parc Aberkinsey.
Rhyl continues to expand . . .

With two out of four correct answers for 1 win, or more than two correct answers for 2 wins:
Jane Shuttle 2, Geoff Hughes 2, Sue Handley 2, Richard & Ceri Swinney 2, The Great Gareth 1, Dilys Bagnall 1.