Sunday, 23 August 2015


1) Above is one of Rhyl's Victorian buildings that no longer exist.
The question: In the 20th century what was it used as?


2) Below is a card commemorating the opening of a Rhyl business.
The question: What do the G----- and L----- stand for?

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

3) Above is a photo dated 1974 of the bus station in the good old days with litter all over the place. In the background on your left is a cinema. 
The question: What is the name of the cinema?

4) Below is a photo taken a few days ago by Yours Truly. A place name has been blanked out.

The question: What is the missing name?

Correct answers to two of the four questions get you a win.

Correct answers to three or four questions get you two wins.

You have until the end of Saturday 29th August 2015 to send your entry.
Second tries not accepted.
The result will be published on Sunday 30th August 2015 around Midday.

Colin Jones / email: