Saturday, 8 August 2015


Ocean Plaza, Ocean Beach

We've had yet more news from the Scarborough Group, previously known in this blog as Scarborough Development Group (SDG).

They are the company that picked up the Ocean Beach Fun Fair site from the receiver when previous owners Modus went bust. Scarborough Group have done very little with the place other than make occasional statements about their intentions.

The Group’s latest announcements tell us that the site (which they had been calling Ocean Plaza) is now called Marina Quay, and a retailer named The Range may set up there. It is hoped that the presence of The Range would draw in other businesses and create hundreds of jobs.

Aye, ‘appen.

My position remains as written more than five years ago in this blog:

“I would say to SDG, Investec and any other parties involved, that some of us are weary of hearing promises about hundreds of this, thousands of that and millions of the other. We will believe in the new developments when we see them.”

The plan above showing the proposed scheme appeared in the Daily Post a few days ago: