Tuesday, 25 August 2015


A reader has kindly provided the following set of pictures. This first one should gladden the hearts of silver surfers: Rhyl Pavilion on your left, Floral Hall on right:

The picture captures the Floral Hall not long after it was built and before June 1960 when it was renamed Royal Floral Hall, so the pic would be circa 1959. 

Click on any image to see a bigger version. 

In the next one we can see the familiar pinkish roof of the Sports Cafe aka Sports Garden Cafe, so I have thrown in an old advert for the place:

Ah yes, proprietor C. Tinker, Clwyd Cream Ices - very evocative! 


In the next one we can see the red roof of the cafe that separated roller skating opposite Water Street from cycling opposite the Queens. On roof the word is spelt the French way, CafĂ©:

Ah, the lavatories bottom right with the red phone boxes outside! 


I like particularly the next one. There are not many pictures in circulation showing passengers waiting to board a pleasure boat like this:

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