Sunday, 2 August 2015


Last Sunday I posted these Rhyl photos which were taken in recent times by Yours Truly.
The question: What else have the two photos got in common?
The answer: They both show Bron Haul.
On your left is the care home of that name in Brighton Road. On your right is a street of that name off Dyserth Road.

Also I posted the following view from the bowling green on the eastern promenade looking westwards.
The question: What would be the nearest date: 1940 or 1950?

The answer is 1950.
If you click on the image you would see in the distance on your left the clock tower. It was not erected until 1948.

Scoring one win for Bron Haul and/or one for prom date: Dilys Bagnall 2, Jane Shuttle 2, Richard & Ceri Swinney 2, Dorothy Jones 1, The Great Gareth 2, Sue Handley 1 and Geoff Hughes 2.
Geoff is a formidable player making a late start in this season of the quiz.

Everybody welcome! The more the merrier!



This week two of my contacts raised the subject of receiving letters in both Welsh and English. One found it confusing and the other described it as “a waste of trees”.

As a non-Welsh speaker, let me point out that Wales is officially bilingual.

Welsh and English languages have equal status here. Official bodies such as councils or government departments are duty-bound to issue correspondence in both.

In recent decades a large influx of English people (I didn’t say swarm!) has meant a reduction in the proportion of Welsh speakers but actual use of Welsh seems on the increase.

Bilingualism helps to preserve Welsh – which is the oldest language in Europe – and it helps Welsh people to live their lives entirely through the medium of the Welsh language if they wish to do so.

Children who learn both English and Welsh find it easier to go on and learn other languages.

Bilingualism is a good thing and not a bad thing.


MON 3rd AUG 2015 UPDATE: A bilingual school has just been ranked as best in North Wales and best in all Wales.

Read the Daily Post story here: