Sunday, 16 August 2015


Last Sunday I posted the above showing four people who were in Rhyl during the 1940s.
The question: With what association/club/company/group/organisation were they associated?
The answer: Manchester Repertory Company.
The Manchester Rep were in residence at Rhyl Pavilion during World War 2 and afterwards. They were also known as Pavilion Theatre Repertory Club; their Secretary was Joe Holroyd who went on to establish Rhyl's Little Theatre Club.
The four prominent members illustrated above are W. Armitage Owen a World War 1 veteran and playwright from Oldham (top left), Edna Morris (top right), Dorothy Edwards (bottom left), Reginald Barlow (bottom right).

Also I posted this picture of a man who was a significant figure around here for a quarter of a century.
The question: Who is he?

Baron Rhyl Lord

The answer: Nigel Birch.
He was our Member of Parliament from 1945 until 1970 after which he was created a life peer as Lord Rhyl (also known as Baron Rhyl). The picture is a BBC photo from 1968.

June Turner writes, "Nigel Birch was a Conservative MP. My husband Roy and I met him often at Westminster Hotel, Rhyl, where there were monthly party meetings and guest speakers. Nigel's wife Esmé was always with him and she was from aristocracy but she had no airs and graces. They were both well-educated and most interesting to talk to. They lived in Holywell. He drove a yellow Austin car."

Also I posted the following photo taken in Rhyl this year. The question: In what street/road/avenue would you find this scene?

The answer: Vale Road.
Left of the entrance to Coronation Gardens you would find these disused toilets. Well, I like this blog to encompass every aspect of life in Rhyl.

Scoring a win with a correct answer to at least two of the three questions: Geoff Hughes, The Great Gareth, and Richard & Ceri Swinney.
Geoff is a late starter and has won three weeks out of three. Gareth leads with 34 wins, and Richard & Ceri are in clear second place with 31.

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