Monday, 17 August 2015


Coronation Garden

Last month, just before school hols, my pal Fred Burns the photographer and I took a walk from Vale Road across Coronation Gardens (playing field) and through Botanical Gardens to Grange Road, with Fred taking photos on the way.

The Botanical Gardens have their roots in Victorian times. More recently they figured prominently in composite postcards with Rhyl Pavilion and other attractions; there were frequent buses from the town centre.

Since then the site has had its ups and downs. A recent innovation there

is a community horticultural project run by a voluntary group named Botanical Gardens Enterprises:

In general it is clear that current budget cuts have taken a toll on the gardens but they are worth a visit. They are run by volunteers from Rhyl South West Central Residents’ Association who do a jolly good job with only minimum resources.

To see a slideshow of Fred’s photos on my YouTube channel please click on the following link. YouTube can be a bit of a jumble – only the videos labelled RhylTime are mine:


SUN 15th NOV 2015 UPDATE: David Thomas has written to say that the community horticultural project is now on Facebook as Botanical Gardens Enterprises Ltd. Dave also says 
the project has a website: