Monday, 31 August 2015


This being in media terms the “silly season” it is time for a little more Rhyliana and Rhylery. How about a winking cat emblazoned with lucky white heather from Rhyl?

 Doan like cats? How about dogs as in this cruet set, a present from Rhyl?

Here is an oddity: a game card from a board game named ‘From Here To There’. The description Rhyl Flintshire dates it as before 1974:

From Here To There

Paperweights seem a good idea until one falls on your toes. This Victorian glass one harks back to a time when parts of the prom were lawned:


(Go back even further and you would discover a much more rural Rhyl. In High Street there were some houses with gardens in front.)

This china shoe is just over six inches long and bears the Rhyl town crest. There is reason to believe that the shoe may have been part of a pair, but this is just a sole one, ha ha.

Considerably bigger is this item which was recently for sale on Internet, described as ‘Rhyl Souvenir Genuine Sea Front Wall Piece’. No, I did not buy but it would have made a nice pet rock. 


Rhyl rock!


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