Sunday, 12 July 2015


Last Sunday I posted part of an old postcard. The question: Where in Rhyl was the picture taken?
The answer: Botanical Gardens.
Here is the complete picture, it shows the café being built:

Also I posted the following. The young lady became well known in Rhyl district in the 1990s, the gent is one of the mayors of Rhyl in the 1990s.
The question: What are their names?

The answer: He is Derek Davies and she is Lisa Scott-Lee.
Lisa is a singer/dancer born in Rhyl and often associated with the pop group Steps. Her picture is from the Glyn Rees collection and is part of
a cutting from a 1993 edition of The Journal.
Click on it to read small print:

Here is a more recent picture:

You can catch up with Lisa on her website:

Getting everything right (one place name and two person names) to score one win: NOBODY. This week there are no winners!