Monday, 27 July 2015


IN the Labour Party leadership contest, Yvette Cooper is wife of former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls who was quite rightly thrown out by the electorate in the last General Election.

Liz Kendall? No I could never take seriously anybody who likes rap music.

Andy Burnham looks too much of a suit, too ‘New Labour’ for my liking.

By comparison Jeremy Corbyn (pictured above) seems ‘Old Labour’, an unapologetic left-winger who opposed Britain’s involvement in the disastrous Iraq War.

Our 'special relationship' with the USA is more trouble than it is worth. The
United States government yearns for control of the world’s oil and gas supplies - hence its military interference in Arab countries, universal spying and tiresome cold war against Russia.

The greed of the United States is a threat to world peace and stability. Jeremy Corbyn may understand that, but the other candidates probably do not. His chances of winning are remote but I'm glad he is there.

Whoever becomes leader, there may not be another Labour government. Labour’s philosophy of high tax and high spend and their obsession with public services sound all wrong in the 21st century.

I believe Labour Party dominance is harming Wales and damaging Rhyl. We need to dump the Party and move on.


Last Wednesday at Rhyl Town Hall the Welsh Government’s First Minister Carwyn Jones (Labour) appeared at a public meeting.

During a question and answer session Mr. Jones was taken to task about a ‘North-South Divide’ whereby South Wales gets the lion’s share of resources.

Wales, like England, is bottom heavy. The bulk of the population is in the Southeast and so a lot of Welsh Government expenditure is there.

One thing that might benefit North Wales is a new direct railway link to South Wales. That would boost the economy here in the North and bring us better access to jobs in the South.

This has been talked about for years but we seem no nearer to it. So why are waiting?

All together now: Oh why are we waiting / Why-ay are we wai-ting / Oh why are we wai-ay-ting / Oh why why why.