Thursday, 16 July 2015


This post pulls together pairs of pictures that have not appeared here before. Firstly, the statue that now stands with its back to the sea in the Garden of Remembrance, is shown below in its two previous positions.

The colour card shows the statue where it was first erected, near the old Pavilion and facing the sea. This is postmarked 1918.

The other card shows the statue in its second home, just west of the pier and Amphitheatre, close to the top of High Street and again facing the sea. It is postmarked 1932.

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Above: Botanical Gardens, Grange Road, Rhyl. The sepia card showing the 'entrance' is undated. The colour card is postmarked 1966.

Below: Gardens outside the Royal Floral Hall on eastern promenade. The black-and-white card is postmarked 1962. The colour card is undated:

The following shots were taken in 2013 by Yours Truly.

Firstly, P.A. (Percy) Thomas & Sons, 18 Wellington Road, not far from High Street. This shop is for sale but still open for business:

Marks & Spencer at 63 High Street, Rhyl, closed down in March 2013.
The premises are now occupied by Poundland.


SAT 18th JUL 2015 UPDATE: While we are thinking in pairs, how about these two images from Rhyl History Club showing men at work?

The first is a 1966 shot of demolition in High Street between Boots chemist and Marks & Spencer. Second is a 1955 shot of the Woolworth building being erected on corner of High Street and East Parade (now B&M): 

We think of the Woolworth/B&M building as being in High Street but its address is actually 1-7 East Parade.