Tuesday, 7 July 2015


In 1906 Arthur Cheetham of Queen Street, Rhyl’s pioneer film maker, opened his permanent Silvograph cinema in Market Street. It was the upper storey of the block that stands between Wilkinsons and The Lorne.

Mr. Cheetham was a businessman of many parts and a bit of a maverick. In the Silvograph’s first year he fixed a permanent advertising board / signboard at ground level but the local authority took a dim view of it.

Perhaps the sign required planning permission or was deemed to be obstructive. Mr. Cheetham was ordered to take down the sign within a specified period, but he did not do so. Council workmen turned up one night and removed it.

The incident was filmed and exhibited by Mr. Cheetham and - being a printer and publisher - he produced the above commemorative postcard. The back of one is shown below:
Click on it for a clearer view:

[The addressee is noted here for indexing purposes: Colgrave Sparkhill.]