Friday, 3 July 2015


The 'Canadian' Water Chute that turned up at Marine Lake in 1908 has been the subject of previous posts, you would find them under the label MARINE LAKE on your left near top of this page.

Canadian Water Chute

The two cards above have not appeared here before. The upper one is undated; the lower is postmarked 1912.

In modern times our nearest equivalent would be the Dragon Slide at Rhyl Sun Centre, which looks far less precarious:

The two images above have not appeared here before. The black-and-white is a Daily Post photo from 1991; the item in colour is a card postmarked 1996.

At present the Sun Centre is closed and demolition is probable. Clwyd Leisure Ltd which managed the place in recent years ceased trading on Friday 7th February 2014. Enquiries are directed to insolvency practitioners, Parkin S Booth & Co. of Liverpool, Tel: 0151 236 4331.



On Thursday 2nd July 2015 there was a by-election to replace one of two town councillors in Bodfor ward where I live. Bodfor is the town centre area roughly Bath Street to John Street.

The election was won predictably by Labour against four Independents. I say predictably because no other political party put up a candidate, and Independents always struggle because voters are not sure what they stand for.

The turnout in the by-election was eight per cent, in other words 92 out of every 100 eligible residents did not bother to vote. Why should they? In terms of their quality of life, there is little or no difference between having two town councillors or one, or none.