Tuesday, 21 July 2015


This building in Water Street, Rhyl, has always been named Christ Church but the name of the congregation has changed several times over the years and at present it is called The United Church in Rhyl, whose Minister is Reverend Paul Robinson:

Christ Church, United Church

The church owns the adjacent offices where Citizens' Advice Bureau lives:

The first version of Christ Church, Water Street was built and opened in 1858. The present town hall had not yet been built. The church had a spire (a steeple). Here is a drawing of it:

The church was the moving force behind creating in 1881 the original Christ Church School on corner of Vaughan Street and Crescent Road where there is now a telephone exchange. It comprised three schools: Boys, Girls, Infants:

In 1885 the original church was pulled down and reconstructed as the building we see in Water Street today. The United Church in Rhyl is also at Tynewydd Road:


The colour photos in this post are a trailer for the main feature. My pal Fred Burns, a professional photographer whose studio is in Bedford Street, has taken a super series of pictures of the exterior and interior of Christ Church, Water Street.

To see a slideshow of them on my YouTube channel RhylTime please click on the following link:


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