Tuesday, 14 July 2015


In days of high visitor numbers, Bodfor Street was an important place. It was the main route from railway station to town hall where there was a tourist information office, and to Queen Street for the seafront.

After the railway arrived in 1848 until fairly recent times, businesses in Bodfor Street thrived. There is a book about the subject by Linda Owen titled So What’s So Special About Bodfor Street? (published 1999).

Argos is still going well and there are several new businesses in the street. F. Knowles Newsagent and Hughes Cycles have closed down:

Hughes Cycles, Credit Union

HSBC stands on the site of Rhyl's first ever bank, a branch of North and South Wales Bank. It has a Wellington Road address and yet is just as much part of Bodfor Street:

Williams Estates appears to be in Bodfor Street but has a Kinmel Street address. Thomas Estates (shown below) seems to be in Kinmel Street
but has a Bodfor Street address.

The photos in this post were taken last Sunday afternoon by Yours Truly. These and plenty more from Bodfor Street can be seen in a slideshow on my YouTube channel RhylTime:
Only the videos marked RhylTime are mine!