Sunday, 5 July 2015


Last Sunday I posted a picture of a cafe & tea gardens in NOT RHYL. It was taken in one of six named towns and villages.
The question: Where?
The answer: Bodelwyddan.
Here is the complete picture with original caption: Roberts Tea Gardens, Bodelwyddan:

Also I posted the following postcard of Rhyl.
The question: What is wrong with it?

The answer: The caption is wrong.
That is the Pavilion and not the Floral Hall which was eastwards (to your right) of the picture. The ballroom inside the Pavilion was sometimes advertised as a “floral ballroom” and this may be the root of the confusion.

Also I posted the following which shows a couple that I described as “VIPs for a while in 1960s Rhyl”.
The question: Who are they?

The answer: Jack and Bunty Billings.
Jack Billings was an established agent/entrepreneur/producer of variety shows. He took a lease on Coliseum Theatre (on the prom) shortly after it was roofed in 1960 and provided entertainment slightly more upmarket than the previous open-air shows at that venue.
His wife Bunty looks glam enough to have been an artiste of some kind.

Finally I posted a photo on which a street name is blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name?
The answer: North Avenue. Here is the complete picture:

North Avenue runs from Butterton Road into Lake Avenue, or vice versa depending on your itinerary.

Scoring one win for 3 correct answers out of 4 are The Great Gareth, Dilys Bagnall, Sue Handley and Richard & Ceri Swinney.