Sunday, 29 March 2015


Last Sunday I posted this photo and said it was taken six or seven years ago of a Rhyl street. [It is a snapshot by the late Glyn Rees.]

The question was: If the street were NOT a cul-de-sac, to what other street would it lead?
The answer is: Fairfield Avenue (The cul-de-sac is Morlan Park off Bath Street.)
Fairfield Avenue is in the county council wards of Rhyl East and Rhyl West; the border is up the middle of the street.

Secondly I posted the following card of a photo from Daily Dispatch news-paper showing some of the Pals Battalion:

World War 1, World War One, First World War, The Great War

The question: Is the card postmarked 1914, 1927 or 1939?
The answer: 1914.

This week's scores are two wins for Jane Shuttle, Sue Handley, The Great Gareth and Richard & Ceri Swinney.

Richard & Ceri add that The Pals - such as these attached to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers - were locally raised units, following an idea by Lord Kitchener to increase the strength of the army needed in World War 1.



Rhyl Life notes with sadness the death a few days ago of Wendy McDaid, a community development worker based for a long time at the offices of Rhyl Community Agency. Wendy left there several years ago and operated as a market trader for a while before moving back to her home city of Derby.

At the end of this month Rhyl Community Agency, whose offices are in the bus station, closes down. The Agency has been giving professional advice and practical assistance to over 200 charitable and voluntary groups and small starter businesses. No funding was available to continue this project.