Wednesday, 11 March 2015


The above are snapshots taken circa 2008 of Costigan's pub, 40 Bodfor Street, Rhyl, by the late Glyn Rees.

Costigan’s was in existence before the railway arrived in 1848. It was the home of Mr. James Costigan, an Irish teetotaller who acquired a licence to sell alcohol. The premises became ‘Railway Refreshment Rooms’ where the first Catholic Masses were held before Rhyl had a Catholic church.

Many decades later, in 1951 it became ‘The Mermaid’ pub. Later still - after reverting to the name Costigan’s - it was the home of Rhyl Folk Club for a while until the business closed down. In 2009 a fire broke out in the derelict building and damaged the roof:

Denbighshire County Council took over and repaired the damage. The interior was stripped out but not refurbished (which makes the place suitable for a wide range of future uses). For quite a while the building
has been up for sale or rent. Seems in a good position being so close
to railway and bus stations, but there are no takers so far.

Photo below taken today by Yours Truly:

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