Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Glyn Rees Rhyl archives files

This is a photo I took this very afternoon outside my home. It shows Janine Rees-Denman bringing some local history files belonging to her late father Glyn Rees. Pretending to help her is my pal Bill Ellis. The last time the two met was a long time ago when Bill was the family’s insurance agent and Janine was just a little girl. “You haven’t changed at all!” said Janine. [No, I thought, neither have his jokes.]

Janine goes down in history as the first sheepdog breeder from Afon Wen to set foot here in Jones Towers. My thanks to her and her husband Gareth for bringing the files and carrying them upstairs!

Her father Glyn Rees's hobby was studying Rhyl newspapers from the earliest times onwards. Walking round Rhyl with him was an education; he knew more about old Rhyl businesses than anybody else I ever met.

Glyn had a roof over his y as in Ty’n Rhyl but I tend to leave this off otherwise the names are harder for Internet surfers to find. He was a civilized, decent, knowledgeable man with fairground family connections. Rhyl is a poorer place without him.

Bill and I are delighted to be given access to Glyn's files. The photo below shows just today’s consignment. More to come!

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