Sunday, 22 March 2015


Last Sunday I posted a larger version of the following:

The question was: To what building did the sign belong?
The answer is: Downtown Club.
The club was close to Ocean Beach Fun Fair in West Parade.

These are snapshots circa 2008 by the late Glyn Rees.

Chalking up wins are Sue Handley, Dilys Bagnall, Moira Evans, The Great Gareth and Jane Shuttle. [Jane adds that the fancy initials BW above each word would stand for the proprietor Billy Williams.]


  • Last Thursday’s by-election in Rhyl South West resulted in a predictable win for Labour; the large council and housing association estates make the ward safe territory for them. Well done to the four losers for trying to overcome the apathy. The turnout was 20 per cent - 8 out of every 10 eligible residents did not bother to vote.