Sunday, 8 March 2015


Rhyl resident Judi Hewitt is a noted campaigner against cruelty to animals. I can’t bring myself to agree with every single word she says on the subject of animal welfare, but I do admire her courage and commitment to the cause.

From 1960s onwards, Judi was a well known local pop and cabaret singer, and a beauty queen and part-time model. The first of the following pictures is dated 1974 (supplied by Bill Ellis), and the other is dated 1981 (from the collection of the late Glyn Rees).



To complete the hat trick, here is a more up-date picture from Daily Post: 


On the serious subject of animals, Judi Hewitt is fundamentally correct. Just because we are the dominant species on the planet does not give human beings the moral right to behave cruelly, or inflict suffering and death on other living things if it could be avoided.

Best wishes to Judi and her husband Bob.

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