Thursday, 5 March 2015


This is further to previous posts about Blencathra School, Rhyl, which moved location once or twice within the town but is generally remembered as being in Russell Road. 

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Blencathra was a private school for girls. In 1922 the headmistress was a Miss Alexander, and it seems that pupils were allowed out only on Saturdays between 3pm and 6pm. Boarding schools took full charge of, and full responsibility for, the children‘s safety and moral well being in ways that would seem too strict these days.

The presence of gentlemen on Blencathra’s tennis courts is unexplained. Fathers on a visit, perhaps?

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A reader asked why there is no photo of the present Pavilion Theatre on this blog, to which I had no ready answer. Last Sunday, to make amends I took a taxi to the theatre. It was closed on that day, and the sign had gone from the outside wall – and it was raining. Still no photo . . . 

The adjacent Sun Centre closed down early in 2014. If it ever reopens I would hope to see signs telling passers-by that it is a swimming pool – an essential piece of information that has been missing under previous managements.

As for the Pavilion, last I heard, the theatre was under consideration for being handed over to private operators instead of being run directly or indirectly by county council. The story broke before Christmas last year. Can anybody bring us up to date?

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