Sunday, 8 March 2015


Last Sunday I posted photos taken last month in or near Rhyl town centre. The first was a larger version of the following:

The question: Where would you find this in a row of similar faces with differing expressions?

The answer: In Sussex Street.
The faces are about half way up the side wall of the former Plaza Cinema or - to put it in present day terms - above Jean Emporium:

Plaza Cinema

The second was a larger version of the following, showing a late Victorian-style entrance. It says 1890 (faintly) above the door. The nameplate on your right of the door has been blanked out.

The question: What is the name of the house?

The answer: Eytonhurst.
Eytonhurst is a care home. Its address is 21 East Parade (on corner of Bath Street):

Two wins for Jane Shuttle and two wins for The Great Gareth (Gareth Morris)! The rest of you are out of condition after a long layoff. I shall have to whip you into shape!


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