Sunday, 2 May 2010


Yesterday’s Daily Post revealed that from Sunday 9th May 2010 groups of two or more troublesome people on Rhyl seafront can be dispersed by police; this follows reports of nuisance caused by gangs of drunks. The penalties for not complying with a dispersal order could be stiff.

A couple of days ago the same newspaper said that local criminal Johnny Gizzi (John Damon Gizzi) had been arrested by police near Burnley, Lancs, for conspiring to sell Class A controlled drugs. It is only just over a year since he was released from being imprisoned for other offences.

Rhyl Life supports the clamping down on antisocial behaviour caused by alcohol and illegal drugs. If this had been done years ago Rhyl might never have gained such a bad reputation.

Illustration by Tony Husband from ‘The Yobs’ cartoon strip in Private Eye magazine.

WED 11th APR 2018 UPDATE: Johnny Gizzi was convicted on drugs charges in 2011 and jailed for 11 years. The story of what happened to his home Richmond Hall (formerly Bronwylfa) in St. Asaph, is told here:

Note: Johnny Gizzi is listed in this blog as John Damon Gizzi. According to Daily Post and some other sources he is John Damien Gizzi. Whichever is correct, the purpose of using his middle name is to distinguish him from his father, the environmentally-unfriendly builder John Albert Gizzi, who was convicted of illegal dumping in 2015.