Sunday, 16 May 2010


These 1920s photographs show a gang of revellers outside the Savoy Café (which boasts an American Soda Fountain)  and a dance band at the Alhambra Restaurant. The questions:
Where was the Savoy Café?
Where was the Alhambra Restaurant?


The answers:

The Savoy Café was in West Parade, on the northeast corner of Queen Street. The photo came from Peter Trehearn whose family were and still are the proprietors of all Rhyl things bearing the name Savoy. Some of Peter’s relatives are in the photo.
The Alhambra Restaurant was on the Ocean Beach site, facing the sea. In the early 1950s the restaurant was split into two: an amusement arcade-and-cafe named Playland, and a dance hall which was renamed Ritz Ballroom in 1955. The whole lot was destroyed by fire in 1968.


The winner:
Jane Shuttle. Jane’s fourth win.