Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The questions referred to villages in the wider Rhyl district.

The old postcard at the top has a caption beginning with RHYL. The question was: Where was the picture taken?
The other postcard appears without its caption and shows a pub which for a while had been the home of Victorian explorer H.M. Stanley. The question was: Where was the picture taken?

The answers are:
Cefn. The caption says RHYL CEFN CAVE although nearer St. Asaph. Note the singular form; usually we say ‘caves’.
Glascoed. The caption says: Cross Foxes Inn, Glascoed near Bodelwyddan Church (old home of Stanley the Explorer). T. EASTHAM PROPRIETOR.

The winner is:
Peter Trehearn, his first win. Peter believes that what brings visitors to Rhyl are sea, sand and scenery - making the most of our natural assets would be the best way to promote the resort.


MON 26th SEP 2016 UPDATE: Just arrived here at Jones Towers – a card posted 1908 showing Cefn Rocks and Post Office, and a magic lantern slide labelled 47 Cefn Rocks. J.V.