Thursday, 20 May 2010


The questions related to the photos above:
What was on the promenade walkway opposite what is now Mr. B’s from 1892 until World War 2, and why was it removed?
Was the promenade picture showing the old Pavilion taken before or after 1959, and how can you tell by looking at it?

The answers are:
A large and splendid ornamental fountain, and it was removed in a scrap metal drive to help the war effort during World War 2 (by which time it was about 60 years old and not so splendid);
After 1959. You can tell because on the left of the picture the single-storey Coliseum Theatre (originally open-air) is shown with a roof. It was roofed in 1960.

The winner:
Peter Trehearn. Second win for Peter.


Above are pictures showing the ornamental fountain referred to in QUIZ ANSWER # 57. The one at the top is a card postmarked 1906. The black-and-white photo shows the opening ceremony in 1892. The fountain was switched on by the Lord Mayor of London with other dignitaries in attendance. The photo is from the book ‘Glorious Rhyl - a peep at its past’ by Philip Lloyd (published 2002).