Wednesday, 19 May 2010


These are contributions sent by George Owen.

The photograph at the top shows the interior of St. John’s Church, Wellington Road in 1948.

Of the next picture George says, “It shows a St. John’s Church Choir outing to Chester Zoo in late 1940s. Second from the left, back row, is Frank Port who was Headmaster of St. John’s School (‘The Gas School’) and later became Head of Clwyd Street School. Second from right in the back row is Norman Clark, Verger at St. Thomas’ for many years.
John Asher, the choirmaster and organist at St. John’s for many years, is on the right of the front row with a flat cap on; he was succeeded as Choirmaster at St. John’s by Frank Port. The only choirboy I can name is Arthur Oakley, third from left front row, who now lives in Abergele.”

The colour snap is a 1950s shot of Wellington Road, looking to the west from a corner of River Street.

Finally there is a photo showing remains of Salem Bungalow which had been standing on the beach near Rhyl Golf Club opposite Robin Hood holiday park. The bungalow was destroyed during a storm in 1944; the photograph is dated 1945. Some remains can still be seen and I know of at least one eight year old girl who believes it to be a mermaid’s house.

Interesting batch, thank you George.