Tuesday, 11 May 2010


World War 1, World War One, First World War, The Great WarDiana and Berwyn Jones, further to a recent post about Abbey Street and E.B. Jones’ shop, have kindly sent the pictures above.

Diana says, “What a sad state Abbey Street is in. My father Trevor Roberts was born at ‘Silverdale’ above his father's butchery business which was a few doors down from E.B. Jones'.
In the picture above (TOP) the chap in the white coat is a family member.

“The other picture shows my father as a child of about 6 with soldiers billeted next door at Mrs. Clifford’s during World War 1.”

Thank you Diana, I have looked at Abbey Street today. It seems that no.24 was Mrs. Clifford's, to the right of which was No.26 the former butcher’s shop. Further right at No.28 the arch design is still above the door.

Numbers were not necessarily the same when the photos were taken; streets have been renumbered from time to time just to annoy me.