Wednesday, 26 May 2010


John Powell, Rhyl Life’s Minister of Transport, has sent these. At the top is a picture of Rhyl Railway Shed Staff taken in 1947.

In the front row (left to right) Don’t know, Mr. Maddox, T. Hornby, Jack Passey and T. Molloy. In the middle row (l to r) Percy Harrison, John Robinson (Shed Foreman), J. Parsonage, J. MacDonald, Lew Jones, Harry Boulter, Ben Jones and Percy Jones. In the back row: T. Williams, F. Tasker, T. Austin and Bill Neal.

John took the colour photo on October 6th, 1983 in Rhyl. A train is loaded with track which had been stored in the yard here. The train is being made ready to take the load to Colwyn Bay where the track was needed in re-positioning the line to make way for the new A55 road.

The yard area, right hand side of the picture, is now for car parking / retailing including Morrisons supermarket.