Sunday, 17 January 2010


Among PROM SCENES posted on Friday 8 January 2010 was a postcard showing trampolines and I said that the picture was probably 1990s. This caused a flurry of correspondence from readers who did not remember trampolines. Well, neither did I.

Here is another card showing the trampolines and it's postmarked 1997 zealously enough to penetrate the picture. Top left, beyond a white fence and beneath a sign saying ‘Learn here’ there are people sitting in deck chairs watching something – I wonder what it could be. If you have any information please send email to:


SAT 14th FEB 2015 UPDATE: Stuart Mortimer has written to explain that the picture could not have been taken later than the 1970s, and the people in deck chairs would have been watching roller skating. The roller skating rink wasn't shortened at any time before it closed down.