Saturday, 2 January 2010


The illustration above is a postcard of Dyserth Falls from my own collection. It is postmarked 1931 and was sent from H.J. in Rhyl to Rev. Pocock of Handsworth, Birmingham, and says, “They are building a new bridge here for buses that go on to Colwyn Bay.”

H.J. was referring to the present Foryd Bridge which opened in the following year.

George Owen has been in touch to draw my attention to the fact there is a website devoted to Dyserth, run by Peter J Robinson and it is jolly good. Please click on the following link to see:

FRI 3rd SEP 2010 UPDATE: This old postcard (undated) has just turned up here at Jones Towers. Quite irresistible, despite the misspelling of Dyserth:

MON 30th MAR 2015 UPDATE: The following postcard shows The Old Tombs, Dyserth:

TUE 5th MAY 2015 UPDATE: Below is a Dyserth image by eminent Rhyl-based photographer Rae Pickard, circa 1915:

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

MON 6th JUL 2015 UPDATE: More Dyserth! A card postmarked 1904 followed by a picture of the waterfall which looks 1960s:

WED 25th JAN 2017 UPDATE: What is the correct term - Dyserth Falls, Fall, Waterfalls or Waterfall? Today I passed by and saw a sign for Rheadr Dyserth Waterfall, Rheadr being the Welsh equivalent of the English word Waterfall.
Recently arrived here at Jones Towers is the following bucolic image of Dyserth. It is undated but feels pre-World War 1:

aerial view