Saturday, 9 January 2010


Mrs. Doreen Jones took over the house in Mount Road and continued the Lewis School of Dancing – for dancing only – for a further five years. Thereafter she assisted Nancy Clarke in giving ballroom dancing lessons and continued her involvement with May Day, and stayed part of the scene until retiring in late 1980s.

The pictures above are from 1942 when Doreen as Doreen May Lawley was Rhyl May Queen. In the black-and-white picture she is being crowned by Robb Wilton, a famous radio comedian of the day. At that time (World War 2) Mr. Wilton lived in Rhyl, at Tudor Villa, 1 Vaughan Street.

The middle one of three dressed-up girls standing at the back is Eileen Margaret Roberts who was May Queen the following year; to the right of Eileen is Anthea Jones a future Rose Queen. The tiny tot standing on far left of the picture is Elissa Sewell who went on to be May Queen in 1952.

My thanks to Doreen for providing much information, Diana and Berwyn Jones for arranging my visit to Mount Road and to Mary Webb (May Queen 1950) for being in attendance.