Sunday, 3 January 2010


Dave Williams our Rhyl F.C. correspondent sent the two big photos above and says:

“I have little information about them. The one at the top was taken in front of the old wooden stand which had gas heaters in it. The other was taken facing Grange Road before the ‘kop’ was erected. I think the building on the right is still standing in Botanical Gardens.

“The photos would be from the late 1950s/early ‘60s and the players would include Spencer Evans, Jimmy Logan, Don Spendlove, Jimmy Rogers, Eric Ferguson, George Scales, Tom McKillop, Bill Browning, Billy McMinn, Stuart McCullum and Paddy Cavennah.”


MON 4th JAN 2010 UPDATE: Gaynor Williams has added these names: Jimmy Andrews, Roddy Gilmore, Les Donaldson and Phil Spruce. The chap with a shock of fair hair, crouching far left in the photo at the top and standing next to goalie in the other, is manager Billy Russell who brought key players with him from Scotland. Mr. Russell and his son - also named Billy - lived in Seabank Road.