Sunday, 24 January 2010


The Informers were a key group on the Rhyl scene in 1960s. It was a soul band of the classic variety doing songs such as Wilson Pickett’s In The Midnight Hour and Eddie Floyd’s Knock On Wood.

They started in 1963-64 as a six-piece band: Frank Borders (vocals), Dave Roberts (guitar, vocals), Paul Warren Jones (guitar), Pete Williams (guitar), Ken Brookes (bass guitar, later vocals), Barrie Loveland (drums). Barrie was the son of Ritz Showband alto saxist Frank Loveland.

Over the next few years the size of the group fluctuated between 4 and 7 members and included at various times: Phil Williams (guitar, vocals), Jim Taylor (guitar, vocals), Doug Mortimer (bass guitar, vocals), Dave Emm (baritone sax), Tony Bliss (guitar), Barry Williams (vocals) and others.

The photo was taken in autumn 1967 at Palace Hotel, West Parade. The Informers had just completed a season at Playboy Club in London and were on their way to tour Sweden. In the foreground are singing twins Dave & Alan Williams; Dave is on the left. In the background left to right: Phil Williams (tenor sax, vocals), Doug Mortimer, Barrie Loveland hidden, and Jim Taylor who at present is an artist/art tutor in Rhyl.

Picture from the collection of Doug Mortimer.