Monday, 4 January 2010


The picture (TOP) shows Foryd Harbour probably 1920s, taken from the Kinmel Bay side. Just about discernible in the distance is a toll bridge for vehicles and pedestrians. It was owned – surprisingly perhaps – by the Vale of Clwyd Railway Company which operated the Rhyl to Denbigh line.

The toll bridge was built in 1861 about a hundred yards south of the present bridge; it replaced an inadequate ferry service. Having to pay the toll was unpopular though, and not within everyone’s means. In 1891 a man drowned because he had no money and tried to wade or swim across.

The black-and-white photos are from George Owen and they provide a closer view of the toll bridge (again from the Kinmel Bay side) and an old shot from the Rhyl side of present Foryd Bridge which replaced the toll bridge in 1932.

TUE 13th JUN 2017 UPDATE: Recently to hand is this image captioned New Foryd Bridge, Kinmel Bay viewed from the Rhyl side. The lone man and his precious bike make a stark contrast with the relentless churning of motors across the bridge these days.

vintage man and bicycle

SAT 7th OCT 2017 UPDATE: Here is an unusual view of Rhyl from t'other end of Foryd Bridge, probably 1930s.
Click on it to see a bigger version.