Thursday, 21 January 2010


The Legendary Lloyd and Kerry of Cannock sent these photographs of the prom near the top of High Street, both of which have the Gaiety Theatre (ex Pier Amphitheatre) in the background. The photo at the top would be 1970s with the clock tower in its original position and Punch and Judy in front. At the top of the booth are the letters E.G. for Edward Green aka Professor Ted Green of 118 Marsh Road.

In the lower picture is the monorail which was there only a few weeks in 1980; Punch and Judy was/were moved to the right of the clock tower to make room. Also in 1980 the Sun Centre opened and was a big success because it was unique. Still in use during 1980s were the cycling track (as Cyclorama), roller skating rink (Skateworld), Open-Air Bathing Pool (Rhyl Fishing Village) and Royal Floral Hall (Butterfly Jungle).

The 1980s seemed like a good period in Rhyl, but it was unreal in the sense that we were living in a bubble of European grant aid which paid for the Sun Centre and other innovations and improvements. In the UK as a whole the economy was unstable; there were recessions in mid '70s and early '80s. A third and most severe recession began in January 1990, the same month as the Towyn floods.