Saturday, 30 January 2010


This photograph was sent by George Owen labelled CLWYD STREET GANG 1950-51.

Left to right:
In the front row: Betty Hughes, Jackie Parry, Madeline Manchester, Maureen Vaughan, Don’t know, Don’t know, Lyn Rushworth, Pat Graham, Don’t know, Gaynor Edwards.

In the second row: Joey Jones, Brian O’Grady, Elwyn Thomas, Betty Cragg, Margaret Roebuck, Diane Reevely, Don’t know, Arnold Kerfoot, Philip Anwyl, David (Happy) Hepworth.

Back row: Mr. Frank Port the headmaster, Gerry Hall, Howard Maltby, young George (for it is he!), Philip Thomas, Don’t know, Don’t know, Clive Jones, Miss Ellis the class teacher of Standard 5.

The gang looks cheerful enough!