Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Vale RoadLast Wednesday I asked: where in Rhyl is the weathervane (or wind vane, if you prefer) shown in the smaller photograph above? The answer is Vale Road, opposite St. Margaret’s Drive. George Owen was the first with the right answer and he put it another way:

“The weathervane is on top of a stench pipe from the town drains at the corner of Madryn Avenue and Vale Road by the Shell Garage. A year or two back there was a plan to put a whopping great mobile phone mast right on that corner but residents aided by Chris Ruane MP successfully opposed what would have been a blot on landscape and a possible health risk.”


TUE 6th OCT 2009 UPDATE: I have been informed by a reliable source that this is not a weather vane (or wind vane); the arrow is in a fixed position. I have no intention of shinning up a stench pipe to see if the arrow swivels so I’ll take your word for it, Gareth!