Monday, 28 September 2009


Martin Gane says, “This picture was taken in 1965-66 at Emmanuel School, We got to the final of Shield Trophy that season.”

Left to right:
In the back row: Mr. Evans, Mr. Williams, and Ivor Roberts the Headmaster.

Back row of boys: Roddy Witherspoon, Karl Lewis, Dave Roberts, Richard Jones, Mike Ingram, Duncan Siddall and Pete Bailey.

Front row: Dave Hughes, Andy Parr, Dave Adamson, Stephen Thomas, Martin is the lad with the ball on his knees, James Smith, Larry Roberts and Glyn West.


THU 16th SEP 2010 UPDATE: Sandra Dutton of Canada (was Sandra Lloyd) writes: "The young man at the end of the row is actually my younger brother Glyn Lloyd (not West). Stephen Thomas and I went to school together. Our whole Lloyd family went through Emmanuel, eldest to youngest – David, Rosemary, Christine, Sandra and Glyn."