Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Blencathra advertised itself as ‘facing the sea’. This was half-true; the back of it faced the sea – East Parade had not been developed much at that point. The school had its own gardens and gymnasium and promised "thorough education, physical development and training for usefulness".

Illustrated above are some of the rooms. From the top downwards they are the dining room, then a classroom (this picture is a drawing), and then a nursery. There were separate dormitories for older girls.

In case you were wondering, Blencathra is the name of a mountain in the English Lake District.


MON 12th APR 2010 UPDATE: Before WW2, Rhyl's private schools tended to move from one building to another to suit fluctuating student numbers and other business considerations. For a while Blencathra was in The Grange, East Parade; the upper floor was the games room. In those days The Grange was named Moranedd.