Monday, 14 September 2009


In May this year I posted the picture above (TOP) showing a scale model of HMS Rhyl and wondered about the fish-shaped artefact on the floor underneath the table. Mr. Douglas Brown has been in touch with an explanation. He says,

It was nice to see the model of HMS Rhyl on which I served from 1972-75. I believe the item under the table is a support for hanging the ship’s bell. A few people have asked me what became of the bell. It was used to baptize crew members’ children; I’m sure the names were engraved inside.

And some time ago this message came: My name is Kris Watts, and my father served on HMS Rhyl back in the 1970's. I myself was christened on the ship in 1977 and I've always been told my name was engraved on the ship’s bell. Do you know its whereabouts?

Yes, the scale model of HMS Rhyl, the bell holder and bell are all on display at Rhyl town council offices in Wellington Road; they are in the chamber where council meetings take place. To make an appointment there please phone (01745) 331114.

Mr. Douglas Brown concludes, It’s nice to see mementos of our ship are still around. I think the ship’s charity was Toc H in Rhyl. I felt sad when I saw pictures of HMS Rhyl being used for target practice. Ships now have the numbers painted out to avoid them being recognised by ex-crew members.